About Ecobiz Coach Michael Davis

Michael Davis is your new ecoBIZ Coach for the Sunshine Coat and surrounding Queensland districts.

Michael is a Customer focused person who is extremely passionate about finding solutions to combat the effects of Climate Change. Michael is helping others to understand what they can do, as well as inspiring them them to initiate actions to improve the Sustainability of their Businesses.

Michael has worked passionately since 2007 in the fields of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, through his Business, "Sustainable Energy Management", Michael has engaged with thousands of community members, helping hundreds of households as well as multiple small and large Businesses to lower their energy intensity and reduce energy and water costs.

Michael is a practical person, starting his career as an electrician which has helped him understand how energy is generated, consumed and wasted,  Michael is a very keen observer and can recognise opportunities by taking the time to understand the complete system of energy flow, including the inputs, processes and outputs of energy use. Michael is a passionate environmentalist and have committed himself to helping mitigate the causes of climate change through energy efficiency, adoption of renewables and the reduction of wastage as well as caring for endangered species.

Since 2007 Michael has developed experience with many initiatives and programmes like Green loans, ecoBIZ, EarthCheck, ecocheck, NABERS, EEO legislation, and NGERS Government reporting. Michaels background has enhanced his skills and made him more equipped to help Businesses gain the most out of the ecoBIZ initiative.

Sustainable Energy Management currently supports SME, large Businesses and households in lowering their energy intensity and reducing their Carbon Emissions by evaluating energy data, identifying opportunities and recommending sustainable projects through detailed reports that meet the Customer’s needs .

Michael is a skilled practioner in LEAN production and Six Sigma process improvement methodologies and can also help optimising your production systems.



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