Ceiling Fans

Add an instant upgrade to your home’s look and improve air circulation by installing a ceiling fan.

Ceiling fans need to be properly anchored to an electric ceiling box that's designed to hold a heavy fixture. It will not only hold the wiring, but also support the full weight of the fan.

If you're swapping a simple light fixture with a ceiling fan, the box will likely need to be replaced with one rated for a ceiling fan.

Sound too complicated? Call SEM for a've got better things to do with your time and you know they will get the job done fast efficiently and with minimum disruption to your lifestyle.

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Thoughtful lighting design combines many daylighting and electric lighting strategies to optimise the distribution of light inside the building. It considers whole building energy impacts to minimise the building’s overall energy usage and integrates the design of daylight entry (through windows and skylights) with electric lighting, including controls. It takes advantage of shading strategies and glazing technologies to moderate the intensity and spectrum of the daylight admitted to the home, to minimise heat gain during the cooling season and heat loss during the heating season. It chooses the best window aperture sizes, glazing and shading design for each orientation to reflect the expected solar angles, heat gain and glare criteria (see Passive design; Design for climate; Orientation; Shading; Glazing; Skylights).

Effective lighting design means putting light where it’s wanted and needed, and reducing or eliminating light elsewhere. And if all this sounds to difficult then give SEM a call. You will get honest opinions, lighting that works efficiently and beautifully and again, minimal disruption to your life.

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